Realme 9 Pro+ Review - Should You Buy?

Realme 9 Pro+ Review - Should You Buy?

This is the new real me 9 pro plus i know weird name but the hyper on this phone is all about the imax 766 main camera with ois and this also seems like a good all-round phone for 25k, so the question is should you buy this phone?

The Divisive Design

Let's find out so here's the phone and before i talk about the cameras and other aspects of this phone i want to talk about this design which honestly i'm a little confused about see there are two aspects to this design one i like the in-hand feel of this phone it's fairly compact pretty lightweight at 182 grams and it's also slim and nice i mean here's the phone next to the xiaomi 11i and see how it's more compact and fits in the hands better i like that this is not a huge phone i also like that there are steel speakers here which are actually good in terms of quality as well as loudness the second aspect of this design is this back which i'm not a big fan of the glossy glass back is highly reflective and it creates this effect when light falls on it but it's just too flashy for my liking it's also a big fingerprint magnet it just gets really dirty really quickly and not in a good way now the frame is plastic and the cameras with their floating sort of design look cool about that's all i know this is very subjective but let me know if you like this design or not apart from that the phone has the headphone jack there's the dual sim slot with no micro sd support and there's no ip rating for splash resistance or anything.

Realme 9 Pro+ Camera Comparison

The biggest usp of the realme 9 pro plus is obviously its cameras these are the camera specs and the imx 766 and ois are very good specs in its price range i think a phone that brings ois in this price range is the not 2 and that's around 29 30k so these specs are good especially ois and interestingly real me has claimed that the realme 9 pro plus main camera is even better than the pixel 6. Now that's a bold bold claim and you guys wanted us to compare the camera on the redmi 9 plus versus the pixel 6 so we did here are some comparison shots we took from the redmi 9 pro plus and the pixel 6 and in the photos we took in daytime good lighting i have to say i've been mostly impressed with the reel before in a lot of shots it's just hard to tell the difference between the 9 pro plus shot and the pixel 6 shot which in itself is impressive from read me now if you look closely the pixel 6 does take better shots most of the times it handles the skies more naturally it has more detail i mean just look at the texture in the trees or the monument right at the end of the road it's not a huge difference but yeah if you look closely the pixel 6 is better in low light too the pixel 6 is better but the 9 pro plus comes very close which again is very impressive as you can see in these comparison shots the redmi photo is good too and i think it's because of the imx 766 and ois combo the pixel 6 is better with noise but the 9 pro plus handles light flares better a lot of times the pixel 6 is also better when it comes to faces really does well with the blur and the edges but look at the face the pixel 6 always captures the phase details better look credibility's real real me has done a good job by bringing in the imx 766 plus ois in what's essentially a mid-range smartphone it does not beat the pixel 6 that's the truth but it does take photos that look like they're taken from a good high-end phone i even compared the real me 9 pro plus cameras to the 11i with its 108 megapixel sensor and you know what the 9 pro plus with its 50 megapixel sensor was without a doubt better yeah megapixels don't really matter see the real me photos have better dynamic range and it's good at balancing the shadows like in this photo see how the 11i has focused on the sky and darkened everything else the 9 pro plus shot is just better balanced the real me 94 plus photos also have more detail just look at the trees in this photo in low light where a lot of phones struggle the real me 9 pro plus is the clear winner it exposes lights better i mean let's just zoom in on the light here yeah you can see the difference you'll also see the difference in the details here's another low light shot and the nine pro plus shot is sharper and detailed.

Realme 9 Pro+ OIS in Action

 The real mean i pro plus also takes better videos the video quality is more natural the colors look better and ois does bring its advantages here's a video i took to check the stability and the eis in 11i is pretty good actually but ois is ois and if you notice in the 9 pro it's just better when things are more rocky.

Realme 9 Pro+ Ultra Wide & Selfies

The 9 pro plus also has an 8 megapixel imx 355 ultra wide angle lens and it's not something to rave about it's kind of usual with lack of details although it does fine when it comes to colors so it's just what you expect in this price range the front has a 16 megapixel sensor and the selfies are pretty good in terms of quality i like always turn off the beautification and after that the details on the face are pretty good now this is important because a lot of front cameras smooth the face even when the beautification is turned off now one bummer here is no 4k recording on the front see overall the main camera of the nine pro plus is its big usb and honestly it has lived up to the hype for me i mean xiaomi brought the 120 watt crazy fast charging on the 11i to hype it up and real me has now brought the imax 766 plus ois to hype this phone up so you guys decide super fast charging of very good cameras.

Battery & Charging in Realme 9 Pro+

The nine pro plus also has a very fast charger the phone has a 4500 image battery with 60 watt charging support and i took note of the charging speeds 10 to 50 in 14 minutes and 10 to 100 percent in just 42 minutes now this is very good not hyper charge level good but very good nonetheless also the phone supports 30 watt dart charges as well as 18 watt usb cpd charges if you guys want to know as for the battery performance i usually got five to six hours of screen on time which is fairly good i mean the display here and the chipset are pretty power efficient so the battery performance should be good in the long run.

Realme 9 Pro+ Display

The display specs and i know one thing stands out the 90 hertz refresh rate yes i would have liked the higher refresh rate amoled here to match up with other phones in this price range but i think we went with this to cut down the cost a little also there is no hdr template support and realme confirmed 600 nits as peak brightness in the spec sheet they shared with us while on the launch event there's a thousand nits so i'm a little confused about that now when i compare the max brightness of the nine pro plus versus the 11i i did feel the 11i was brighter but it was not a huge difference apart from the brightness the amoled is vibrant and responsive so there's no major issues or anything there's also the white wine edwards sports and netflix and other apps play shows and movies in full hd one thing to note netflix was not available on the play store in the nine pro plus and i went via the link it said the app is not compatible but i installed netflix via an apk and it was working fine so i'm not sure why it's not compatible by the play store anyway the display also has the in screen fingerprint scanner which is very fast and one interesting new feature here is heart rate monitoring with the fingerprint scanner it's a real me lab feature but we compared the heart rate with an apple watch and it was close i'm not sure how useful this is but hey cool feature also a lot of you guys always ask us about the haptics and it's pretty good on the nine pro plus it's not flagship grade but it's haptics and not just vibrations so it's pretty good and also like this page to customize the feedback.

Realme 9 Pro+ Performance

The performance the nine pro plus has some good specs and you guys asked for the benchmarks for instagram so here are the antutu scores yeah the score is similar to what you get in the 11 eye which has the same dimension 920 now the h20 with the snapdragon 778 does score better but it's not a massive difference see benchmarks are fine but the phone has been pretty good in my usage so the performance has been really consistent there's no weird lag or stutters in my day-to-day usage be it while multitasking or using any apps the phone is pretty good for gaming too in bgmi it supports a maximum of hdr ultra graphics now at this setting i did feel the gameplay was a bit laggy however smooth extreme it was way better and definitely the setting i've been using as for any heating issues i did not feel the phone getting crazy hot or anything no matter what i also did not notice any thermal throttling i ran a 15 minute test with the phone set to performance mode and this was the result yeah 90 is pretty good i also ran cpu throttling with 50 threads and 30 minutes and the result was pretty good again so the performance is good.

Realme 9 Pro+ Software

 The nine pro plus comes with real me ui 3.0 on top of android 12. I mean most new phones i've used offlate come with android 11 so this is a good move from real me as for real me ui 3.0 features we did a video on coloros 12 features some time back so you can check that out when it comes to software updates realme has promised two years of major android updates on this phone and as for bloatware you do get these apps pre-installed but you can uninstall them when it comes to connectivity i had no issues with calls on this phone and this phone also supports carrier aggregation so here's the netmonster app in action and as you can see there's lte a and multiple frequencies so yeah no problem.

Should You Buy Realme 9 Pro+ ?

coming to the verdict should you buy the real me 9 pro plus well this is actually a good phone and i will recommend this phone to people who want good cameras and an overall good phone i'm just being a good camera phone wouldn't be enough and really knows that so even though there's a little compromise on the display and i'm not a big fan of this glossy design i feel the real me 9 pro plus is a very well-rounded phone in terms of performance battery and software.

 So yes the real me 9 plus is something you can buy as for other options the xiaomi 11i hyper charge brings way faster charging and a slightly better display although its cameras as you saw are not as good as the nine pro plus as main camera and there's also miui.

 There's also the moto h20 which is available for 25 26k on a lot of days and the h20 has the better display stock android and the slightly better snapdragon 778 it does not have stereo speakers and its cameras aren't the best so there's that so that.


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