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Realme 9 Pro+ Review - Should You Buy?

This is the new real me 9 pro plus i know weird name but the hyper on this phone is all about the imax 766 main camera with ois and this also seems like a good all-round phone for 25k, so the question is should you buy this phone? The Divisive Design Let's find out so here's the phone and before i talk about the cameras and other aspects of this phone i want to talk about this design which honestly i'm a little confused about see there are two aspects to this design one i like the in-hand feel of this phone it's fairly compact pretty lightweight at 182 grams and it's also slim and nice i mean here's the phone next to the xiaomi 11i and see how it's more compact and fits in the hands better i like that this is not a huge phone i also like that there are steel speakers here which are actually good in terms of quality as well as loudness the second aspect of this design is this back which i'm not a big fan of the glossy glass back is highly reflective a

Android 13 Features and Release Date

  Android 13 is here so what's new what are the new features and changes let me tell you all about it. So this is the pixel 6 running android 13 developer preview one and actually there's no mention of android 13 anywhere.   Instead it's called tiramisu here as you can see so maybe google is just going back to desert names or maybe it's just an internal name. Visual changes in Android 13 Android 12 brought the whole material ud vamp and android 13 kind of builds up on that. The first thing I noticed is some new quick settings toggles. There’s now a toggle to enable and disable the one-handed mode quickly and once this is on I can swipe down on the bottom to bring the screen lower. Another new toggle is color correction and there's also a new toggle to quickly scan QR codes, now it's disabled by default, but I think this will arrive in the future releases because this is pretty handy. Apart from the quick setting toggles the media player in the notification

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Review

  When we talk about MediaTek, the first thing come into my mind is probably some low-end or mid-range smartphone chip. I mean they don't even have a proper flagship chip in their line-up and most of the time when we're talking about hi-end products. MediaTek just outperformed by Qualcomm, But now things are different, The new Dimensity 9000 is a true flagship SOC by MediaTek and it will be a direct competitor of Snapdragon 8 gen 1 And luckily enough we received an engineering prototype from MediaTek so we can play around with it do some benchmark and test everything out. Engineering Prototype Well what you are about to watch is an exclusive first-look of MediaTek Dimensity 9000, The engineering prototype we receive is pretty much bare-bone. You have no working cameras exposed connectors and the screen has some super-large bezels. Apparently this will be very different from a retail phone and while the prototype seems pretty huge it's not having a proper cooling sol

Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Review

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, it’s the new name of Qualcomm’s latest mobile platform. The successor of Snapdragon 888. And we’ll definitely see it very often powering next year’s Android flagship smart phones. Personally I think it’s pretty weird to change your product naming scheme every generation or so But other than name we care more about the performance and power efficiency. You might know that Snapdragon 888 this year has suffered some serious thermal issues. which leads to those flagship phones not performing very well. The actual gaming performance is not anywhere better than 865 platforms. So will qualcomm fix all the problems this year? Or it will be another burner heating up your smartphone. That what I’m going to tell you in this post. Architecture The new 8 gen 1 is the first mobile SOC that supports ARMv9 instruction set. If you remember in 2013 when the industry moves from ARMv7 toward v8 the new architecture brings mobile processing to 64 bits, which is a big deal.